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Eumyviv Clear Frosted Glass Lamp Shade with Crack Finish

Reviewed by David • September 23, 2020

BEAUTIFUL shade for light fixture ** UPDATED **

My wife wanted to change the bathroom light fixture but I suggested that simply changing the shade might make a difference and I was right! We purchased this white frosted glass lamp shade with crack finish and we could not be more happy with them!


[+] Impressive packaging! They were delivered in a fitted foam inside a box without any damage.
[+] Clean and simple yet very elegant look.


[-] Absolutely nothing!

** UPDATED 9/13/2020 **

My wife liked these lamp shades so much that she got more to change the shades in our master bathroom.
The shade is narrow and long so it's difficult to get the fastener inside in place if you have a big hand. There's got to be a tool that can make this easier... let me know if you know of any. Still a great looking shade!

** UPDATED 9/23/2020 **

I reached out to the seller to see if they know any tool that can help with fastening the ring inside the shade and they quickly came back with a video that they recorded, asking if this is what I'm looking for.. and what I confirmed yes, they shipped the tool to me for free. What an amazing customer service!
Here's the video that they sent:

5 out of 5 stars. I highly recommend this shade if you want to brighten up your lamp or look of the light fixture.

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