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ELUTO heated car seat

Reviewed by David • January 31, 2021

a MUST-HAVE if your car doesn't have heated seat

I have 3 cars at home and 2 of them have heated leather seats but my 3rd car, Mazda 3, is the only car without heated seat and without leather seat. I live in NY and winter comes early around November and this year was even earlier so I finally decided to buy this to add heated seat to my Mazda 3, and I could not be any happier.


[+] It's made out of breathable PU leather material so it doesn't get sticky, static, and it's easy to clean up like a leather seat chairs.
[+] Seat can be heated, both on the bottom and on the back. Just plug it into a cigarette adapter.
[+] 3 level of heat temperature with visual indicator.
[+] It heats up very quickly within minutes
[+] Has straps, hooks, and best of all anchors to insert into seat gap, which keeps the seat in place without moving around.
[+] Looks very high end and cohesive with the car
[+] Price!


[-] I wish the control button was on the outside of the seat on the side for easier access when you are sitting


Easily 5 out of 5 stars. I couldn't believe I was able to add heated seat feature to my car at the price I paid. This is such as bargain for what you get and it really heats the seat without compromising comfort. We had a big snow storm last week and I love the fact that I can warm up the car and turn on the heated seat while clearing the snow off the car and my car is nice and warm all around my body by the time I'm ready to drive off. I highly recommend this product!

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