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Electric Cordless Weed Wacker Grass Trimmer, 3-in-1 Lightweight

Reviewed by David • August 31, 2022

perfect for thick shrubs in my backyard

We have so much weeds, shrubs and small plants growing in our backyards that it's not possible to trim and manage them with my string weed wacker as most of the shrubs are too thick to be cut by the nylon string weed wacker. This 3 in 1 weed wacker was perfect for the job because of the circular saw blades and steel blades. I was able to save so much time cutting down all the shrubs in my backyard using the steel blade and I'm sure the circular saw will come in handy when cutting down small trees and branches.

I love that it's lightweight and cordless, providing 2 rechargeable batteries so you can continue to use it while the other battery is being charged. It has LCD display for showing the current battery level. Telescopic pole makes it easy to store away when not in use and adjust the length to your need based on your height. The grab handle as well as the shoulder strap enables you to use it for long period of time without getting too tired and I really appreciate that more than one blade was provided for each blade type, not to mention the work gloves and safety glasses. Love this trimmer more than any others. Easily 5 out of 5 stars!

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