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EKIEUDL electric candle lighter

Reviewed by David • April 26, 2021

flexible neck is a nice feature

I already own an electric candle lighter and I love it.
It's so much better than butane lighter or one with lighter fluid because you don't have worry about running out of fuel and you have better control of what you want to light. It's also more wind proof as well.

I got this electric lighter because it has flexible neck, which is a nice feature for big and long candle jars.
I also appreciate the battery level indicator lights incremented by 25% and safety lock switch on the side.

I noticed that the electric lighter power is actually bigger and stronger compared to my other electric light so this was definitely a good buy.

5 out of 5 stars. This electric candle light will extinct the butane or fluid based lighters. Highly recommend this electric and rechargeable lighter.

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