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EIFHYT Canopy Kit for Chandelier

Reviewed by David • January 20, 2023

pretty good brushed nickel canopy plate but...

We decided to replace our chandelier in our dining room during our kitchen renovation and when we installed the new chandelier, it turns out that the canopy plate was much smaller than the previous chandelier's canopy plate, to the point where we can see the opening gaps in the ceiling. We wanted to get a matching color as our new chandelier, which was brushed nickel and also wanted at least 6" in diameter but this was the largest one we were able to find.

This turned out to be great and covered the openings perfectly. It would have been even more amazing if it was little bigger but was good enough. I only wished that the screws were little longer because I had trouble putting on the cap nuts as the screw barely stuck outside of the plate but I finally managed to do it. Looks great and the price is awesome as well. I do recommend it.

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