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Easthills Outdoors Instant Beach Tent with Extended Zippered Porch

Reviewed by David • August 20, 2020
Please note that this post was updated on September 2, 2021.

they did the homework for you and got A+

The R&D folks at Easthills Outdoors must have studied all the beach tents in the market as well as read all its customer reviews to understand the complaints and praises before designing this beach tent because there is no way they could have developed this amazing beach tent without doing their homework first!


✔️ super easy and quick to set up and take down. It really can't get any easier or faster...
✔️ SPF 50+ sun protection
✔️ 3 HUGE mesh windows that can easily roll up for ventilation. No more getting cooked up inside your beach tent!
✔️ velcro sand pockets for additional weight for stabilization. Makes it super easy clean up during take down. Genius design!
✔️ 4 mesh pockets for storage off the floor to prevent somebody from accidentally stepping on stuff
✔️ extended floor sheet for more sitting area, which can be used to close the tent for privacy and security! How come nobody else thought about this before?
✔️ extra pegs and guy lines, which makes it easier to adjust the tension - but I never had to use it so far
✔️ storage bag with a shoulder strap
✔️ high value for its price, especially compared to other beach tents
✔️ finally, did I mention it's super easy and quick to set up and take down???


⛔ I really don't have any but I just wish that the carry/storage bag was a bit bigger so that it's a lot easier and quicker to pack everything in the bag. I'm sure R&D can come up with a clever design so that it's easy and quick to put everything in the carry bag 😉


If you are shopping around for a beach tent, look no further because they already did the homework for you.
Highly recommend this beach tent! I would give 10 star ratings if I could.

** UPDATES 9/2/2021**

We only used this beach tent for 1 week out of a year during our summer vacation and we used it for 3 summers so far (so total usage is 3 weeks) and one of the screws that holds the frame came off last week at the beach. We couldn't find the screw in the sand but we were able to use one of our keychain rings to hold them together because the frames were still in tact and was in good condition.

I still think it's a great beach tent and in fact, I purchased 2 more beach tents by Easthills this week in larger size and different design because we really do like their products and quality.

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