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Dynazap DZ30100 Extendable Insect Zapper

Reviewed by David • March 24, 2023

powerful and unique design

We have so many mosquitos coming into our house during the summer as well as some flies. My wife and kids can't stand anything flying around inside the house so I'm always trying to catch them but it's an impossible to task as they are very fast and don't sit in one place for very long time. Over the years, I found electric swatters and fell in love with them as they made my job easier to catch and kill those annoying mosquitos and flies in the house. I think I bought about 10 different electric swatters to find the perfect and best one. This Dynazap is very unique electric swatter compared to all others I had because it's the only one that has extendable pole as well as adjustable head angle. The adjustable head angle is very creative design as it allows you to easily catch the bugs that are sitting on a ceiling. I only wish it was easier to adjust the angle because it's so stiff that I feel like I might actually brake the head while trying to push down to adjust the angle.

This works on 2 AA batteries, which were included and I found that it's very powerful compared to other zappers. I love that it has no protective safety layer like some other newer zapper because the protective layer actually prevents you from catching the bugs as they sometimes bounce off the protective layer. This one has no protective layer so as soon as you touch, they will get zapped. You just have to be more careful with it but it has safety switch as well as the power button that you have to press and hold to activate so it's unlikely that you will zap someone by accident.

Compared to all my other zappers, this is my 2nd favorite zapper only because it's also the heaviest one I've had. I wish it was lighter in weight so it's easier to swing around when chasing after the flying bugs. My all time favorite and the best zapper in my option is The Executioner. Hope this helps!

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