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Dual Light Desk Lamp with Swing Arm and Clamp

Reviewed by David • February 11, 2022

coolest LED lamp with clamp

We have a foosball table in our basement but the lighting is not very good so I feel like it's not good for my kids when they are playing foosball for hours. I wanted to get a standing lamp but it get on their way so we can't play it near the foosball table so I've been looking for a way to light the foosball table from the top of the table without getting on their way of playing and when I saw this LED desk lamp with clamp, I knew this would been a perfect solution!

I was able to clamp this lamp next to a foosball table and I love the 3 pivot points of the lamp where I can bend and/or rotate the lamp. I can have this lamp go directly over on top of the foosball table and it won't distract the kids from playing and it really does light up the foosball table like a football stadium at night. It maybe too bright but luckily this lamp has 4 brightness level as well as 4 color modes, all with touch control, not to mention separate controls for each of the two LED lights!

This would also work for any desk or table if you need extra light for your workstation. Very well designed and super practical and flexible to use in many different areas. Highly recommend it!

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