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Dr.Warm Heated Gloves Liners

Reviewed by David • January 10, 2022

keeps the hands warm without being bulky

My son is in a Winter Track team in High School and he's currently practicing every day after school but it's 28 degrees these days so his hands are literally frozen after each practice. I have a heated gloves but it's for skiing and snow removal so it's very bulky and thick so I got this heated gloves that are much more fitted and slim fit, and he's now wearing these during his track practice, which keeps his hands warm.

It comes with a charger that can charge batteries for both hands at the same time, which is smart yet obvious thing to do since you always want to have both gloves heated. The material is elastic and stretches for nice fit around your fingers and hand. It has waterproof zippers for storing the battery and even the battery connector is covered with plastic cap for waterproofing. The battery pocket is on the underside of the wrists and the top of the wrist has the button to turn on and to change the heat level. It has 3 LED lights that clearly shows if it's on and what the level of heat setting is.

Nice winter gloves to keep your hands warm when needed without being too bulky. Oh, it can also work with your devices with touch screen for the thumb and index fingers. Nicely done.
I only wish that the heat would turn on after pressing the power button for 3 seconds because it turns on with just single click and sometimes it gets pressed accidentally inside my son's backpack and drains the battery. This should not be a problem for most people as they don't keep the gloves inside a backpack when not wearing them.

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