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Double Jet Pump RC Boat, No External Propeller Remote Control Boat

Reviewed by David • June 16, 2022

better and more fun than most RC cars!!!

My son and I have a collection of RC toy cars. Some of them are very expensive, fast and can go on any terrain road and even grass. However, none of them can go in a water so we decided to get this RC boat during our trip to the Finger Lakes few weeks ago. After doing some research, we ended up getting this particular model for the following reasons:

✔️ It has the same steering wheel style control on the remote as our RC toy cars, which is much more intuitive than left right turn buttons

✔️ It comes with 2 rechargeable batteries - you can charge one while playing with the other

✔️ No-Propeller design - eliminate the possibility of getting tangled up with sea weeds or damaged or hurting someone or other things by accident

✔️ Flip over function - if the boat turns over upside down then simply press the button on the remote control to flip it over! Very cool

✔️ Fast twin turbo motor - rides in the water fast and stable

✔️ Low battery warning - you don't have to worry about losing the boat due to battery running out because the remote control will beep 3 times to warn you about the low battery so you will have enough time to bring it back to the shore

We had a blast playing with this boat at the lake and we loved it so much that we ended up buying another one when we came back from our trip. Please note that unlike other RC toy cars, this boat does not go backward. While the trigger can be pushed forward, it will simply slow down but not necessarily go in reverse so keep that in mind so that you always turn before going to somewhere where you can turn since you won't be able to back out. Highly recommend this RC boat to anyone who loves RC toy cars and would like to take the action to the water. So much more fun than RC cars on the land!

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