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Dining Table, Modern Kitchen Table Set Top with Slate

Reviewed by David • September 19, 2022

impressive and gorgeous looking kitchen table with slate top

My wife and I decided to paint our kitchen cabinets from red cherry wood color to white. We also painted the kitchen walls, ceiling then replaced all appliances. She then wanted to get rid of 20 years old kitchen table and get a new one that matches our new kitchen decor and she picked this table, which was basically the same size as our old table but so much better.

I could not believe how heavy the box was and it was because of the slate top and metal base and legs. Everything about this table is just rock solid. It was impeccably packed with fitted foams covering every parts of the table and its accessories. You definitely need 2 people or even maybe 3 people to move and unpack the box due to the sheer heavy weight of the slate table top. Assembly was easy though as you just need to attach 4 metal legs using the bolts provided. Once the legs were attached, I had to get my wife and son to help me lift and flip it over. Very heavy and sturdy indeed.

We love the design of lines on the table top and adjustable leg heights so that it's perfectly even with the floor without being wobbly. Our old kitchen table used to have a glass top so we couldn't put anything hot on it without using a coaster but this slate top is great for anything including hot plates and pots. It's very easy to clean and looks amazing with our newly painted white cabinets. Highly recommend it!

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