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DEEWAZ TPMS Solar Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Reviewed by David • February 26, 2021

My 2006 Honda Pilot is now more high tech than ever before...

** UPDATED ON 9/13/2022 **

I had this for now almost 2 years and it's still working well and alerted me few times about one of my tires having low air pressure. I never had to charge it with USB cable as it always sustained enough power with just solar charging. Bumping to the Hall of Fame badge.

Original Review

I have 2006 Honda Pilot and it has Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) so it would tell me which tire has low air pressure once in a while, especially during winter.
However, my car is now more than 14 years old and every thing started to break down, including the TPMS module.
I recently started seeing the TPMS warning light come on and I didn't feel like investing $$$ to fix this for this old car so I bought this neat TPMS taht I can install myself to save some money.

Not only it saved me money compared to fixing the internal TPMS module from mechanics but this thing is so much more accurate and provide clear PSI information for all 4 tires real time! The best part is that when I'm ready to junk my car, I can remove the sensors and install it on a different car!

I also appreciate that I can set the Min and Max PSI level for each tire and it will warn me when PSI crosses that range.

It has solar charging panel on the back and you can mount this on the dashboard or front windshield to charge it using sun. What's really cool is that the unit turns off automatically after the car is parked because it has a movement sensor. This saves the battery drastically and it automatically turns on when I get inside the car because it can already feel the movement when I enter the car or close the door! Very neat feature indeed.

5 out of 5 stars. Highly recommend this high tech device that can give you accurate and easy read of the air pressure for the 4 tires individually.

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