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DAUSROOB Insulated Cooler Backpack Lightweight Leakproof Soft 33 Can Large Capacity

Reviewed by David • June 2, 2023

a MUST-HAVE for beach goers

Our family went to Wildwood, NJ for 7 nights this past summer and rented a place near the beach.
We are a family of 5 so our car as fully packed since we were away from home for 7 nights and we literally did not have any space for anything else other than essentials.

We actually have a heavy duty cooler backpack that we brought that is very large but it's not collapsible and it's a bit heavy even when the cooler is empty. We brought food inside this cooler backpack since we cooked at the rental place but we wished the cooler backpack was smaller and lighter for the daily beach trip while we were there.

I then saw a cooler backpack similar to this one at the beach and how small it was and the best part was that it's collapsible when empty! If I had purchased this cooler backpack earlier, I could have brought it with me for our vacation and it would have been so much easier and lighter to carry our cooler to the beach every day. We did have a smaller cooler but it only had a single shoulder strap so it was a bit heavy when we stuffed our water bottles and drinks in there. Having a backpack style with 2 shoulder straps makes it so much easier to carry without too much burden on the weight.

What I really like about this cooler backpack is that:

1) It has 2 front zippered compartments for utensils, napkins, etc
2) It has a separate insulated zippered compartment on top
3) Mesh pocket on each side for water bottles or even tall wine bottle and it has a elastic strap to securely hold it
4) Padded and breathable shoulder straps as well as padded back for the airflow so your back is ventilated
5) A neat bottle opener tucked away in one of shoulder straps
6) and the best part is that this cooler is collapsible when empty so it takes very little space to store away or to pack when bringing to the trip!

Very well constructed and nice looking cooler backpack. I can't wait until I use it during our next vacation!
Easily 5 out of 5 stars. Highly recommend it!

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