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Curl A Dog Spiral Hotdog Slicer

Reviewed by David • October 20, 2018

This product review is for Spiral Hotdog Slicer by Curl A Dog.

Everyone loves grilling outside during the summer. I personally love to grill steaks and burgers but my wife loves the grilled hot dogs so I find myself grilling hot dogs more often than burgers.

My wife is also very picky about how her food is cooked on the grill, especially the hot dogs.
I always had to score the hot dogs with a knife before grilling so that it will help cooking the inner part and I can easily see how well it's cooked inside but this is somewhat time consuming and some times I would either cut it too deep or too shallow.

When I found out about this hot dog slicer, I just couldn't pass on it.

Some people have complained that the seller was deceiving as they only received 1 pack that contains two slicers but I can tell you that I did receive 2 packs, each containing two slicers for different size hot dogs.

I only opened one pack and stored away the other pack because I can't see myself using both packs at the same time.

This thing is super easy to use. You simply put the hot dog in it then close the case and put a pressure on the case based on how deep or shallow you want the hot dog to be scored.
You then insert the skewer that was provided on the side opening all the way, which helps you remove the hot dog that is now stuck on the side when the case is opened. This makes a perfect cut and is much safer than using a sharp knife.

The very first time I used it to grill, it came out amazing.

My wife gave two thumbs up and she loved the fact that she can put the ketchup or sauerkraut on the grooves, which helps holding them steady in place.

David's Conclusion


  • Price
  • Perfect cuts - safe and fast
  • Makes the hot dogs tastier in my opinion (due to more evenly cooked inside and out)


  • None

My Wishlist

  • I wish the slicer was a bit sharper so that less pressure is needed after closing the case but I can see how this can also make it less safe

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Full Disclosure & Final Thoughts

  • I bought it from "The Amazing Express" seller and received 2 packs.
  • I highly recommend this product if you grill hot dogs often

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