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Coffee Pod Holder for K Cups

Reviewed by David • September 2, 2021

elegant coffee pod holder in the shape of coffee cup + more!

We recently purchased Nespresso Vertuo coffee machine and bunch of coffee pods to try.
We have a kitchen cabinet dedicated for our coffee supplies but didn't know how to organize the coffee pods until we found this amazing pod holder in the shape of coffee mug.

It's so pretty and elegant looking, with the "COFFEE" label outside the holder. We also love the handle so we can easily take out the the cup holding all the coffee pods out of the kitchen cabinet on to the countertop and the large opening as well as see through design allows us to easily see and find the flavor we want, without removing all the pods on top.

It also came with a coaster that is made out of ceramic, which is also very pretty and elegant. We use it to put our coffee mug on top when using the coffee pod machine. Also comes with a bandana, which is supposed to be coffee mat but not sure how to use it.

I already got so many positive comments about this awesome coffee pod holder whenever guests came over and wanted to have a coffee. They all said this cup is very pretty yet functional for storing all the coffee pods. I think it's big enough to store 30 to 50 coffee pods.

Easily 5 out of 5 stars and I do highly recommend this to anyone who has coffee pod machine. It would also make an excellent gift!

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