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CIVAGO 50 oz Insulated Tumbler Mug with Lid and Straw

Reviewed by David • September 11, 2022

keeps large volume of water cold all day while working outside

I spent all day outside working on my backyard or house work during the weekend and I hate keep going inside to get water or my water getting warm during the summer on a hot day so I finally bought this to keep large volume of water and keep them cold with just little ice in the mug.

This came in a nice box with bubble wrap inside the box and included 2 metal straws (1 straight and 1 bent) as well as straw cleaner. It's good size thermal mug that can hold about 3 bottles of water and it's insulated with double wall stainless steel so it keeps the inside content hot or cold for very long time.

I love the big and sturdy handle since this mug can be heavy with full water. The metal straw can be inserted and used without opening the lid but I prefer to use the lid and drink it out since I don't want any dust to land or go inside the straw when working outside. I love that the lid stays open when drinking without closing and hitting my mouth. It has an air hole when you open the lid so the water flows out nicely. I just add some ice in there with water and I love drinking cold ice water in between resting while working outdoor. Very sturdy and solid build. Love everything about this awesome insulated mug. Highly recommend it. Easily 5 out of 5 stars.

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