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CAP Barbell 34inch Solid Triceps Bar

Reviewed by David • March 6, 2021

a.m.a.z.i.n.g. value for your triceps but you must buy clamp/clip collar separately

I started working out at home 2 years ago so I purchased bunch of gym equipment as you can see in the picture.
In addition to push ups and pull ups, I was using dumbbells and barbell for my biceps but I neglected on triceps because I really didn't enjoy triceps workouts and didn't know the best way to work them.

My friend told me that triceps can actually get bigger than the biceps so the triceps workout is a must if you want to show off big arms and he's the one who told me about this triceps bar, which actually makes it easy to workout your triceps.

I purchased threaded triceps bar last year because it was priced fairly low compared to other triceps bars, and it has become one of my favorite workout routines for my arms now so I decided to purchase another so I can keep one in my garage when I'm working out outside.

This solid triceps bar is essentially identical to the chrome threaded triceps bar with just the following differences:

This one does NOT come with a clamp/clip collar so you will need to buy them separately
The knurling on this one is not as deep as the threaded chrome one. It looks like the black powder coated finish is so thick that it's covering some of knurling.


5 out of 5 stars. I highly recommend this triceps bar. Although you have to get clamp/clip collar separately, you can't beat this price. Truly an amazing value for its price!

If you are just starting to purchase home gym equipment, I highly suggest that you buy the Olympic sizes, which have 2" bars and 2" weight plates. All my weights are 1", including this triceps bar and I wish that I had purchased the 2" sizes... You will have a lot more and better selections and choices when you buy 2" standards. Hope this helps!

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