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Byhagern Large Leaf Scoops

Reviewed by David • December 9, 2022

Hulk smash! love it!

Raking leaves in the fall is pain in the neck but I get my 3 children involved to rake my back and front yards. Many of our neighbors rake the leaves then leave piles of them in front of their house because our town will come once a month with a big truck to vacuum the piles of leaves but I don't like to see piles of leaves for a month. Our town also gives out large brown paper bags to those who prefers to bags them then drop them off at designated spot so that's what we do with our leaves. Raking is not that bad as it's pretty easy to rake leaves pretty quickly with my 3 kids but bagging them is a different story as it's very time consuming and back breaking task if there are too much leaves for many bags.

Trying to scoop the leaves with the rake and one hand into the bag is not easy and also messy. Trying to scoop with both hands takes way too much time as you can't scoop enough leaves with just hands. That's when this leaf scooper comes in handy. It reminds me of Hulk hands and my kids always say "Hulk Smash" whenever they use this to scoop up the leaves. It's very easy and comfortable to use yet it can really scoop large volume of leaves, saving valuable time to bag the leaves. I will probably getting 1 or even 2 more of these as my kids are always fighting over to use this but we have plenty of leaves around the house to clean so I don't mind giving 1 each to them if that makes the raking and bagging more enjoyable and fun for them. Very lightweight for anyone to use, including seniors and children. Highly recommend it.

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