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Bwytbwy Resin Thinker Statue Gold Decor 3 Pcs

Reviewed by David • September 29, 2022

love these thinker statues as décor accent

These 3 thinker statues were well packaged inside the box within a fitted foam so there was not damage or even scratch on them. I love the abstract design on these statues and they kind of remind me of the Academy Award trophy statue 😆

They are about the same size as the soda can and they really do look great on a bookshelves or even on kitchen countertop and my favorite spot is inside a bathroom on the toilet since everybody thinks hard when they are sitting on a toilet 😂

The price was great considering you get 3 statues but they don't look cheap. My kids love them and our guests always make comments or asks about them. A great accent décor that's also a conversation starter. 5 out of 5 stars!

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