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BW Best Way 100 Pack Disposable 4 Layer Face Masks Black

Reviewed by David • January 24, 2022

much better than traditional 3 ply face masks

Enforcement of face masks are getting stronger despite many of us being vaccinated so we had to get face masks for our family for their school and going to restaurants and shopping.

These look almost identical to the traditional 3 ply face masks we have purchased in the past except it has 4 layers of protection. I like the soft 4th white layer inside that is very soft to touch around the face.

Like many other face masks, it has nose clip that you can bend to adjust to your nose and elastic ear loops that are comfortable to wear all day.

It came in a box with 10 sealed bags with each bag having 10 face masks. It would have been awesome if they were all individually wrapped but it's still better than all 100 sealed in one bag.

I wore 1 all day outside and did not have any problem breathing and felt very comfortable wearing all day. Highly recommend it!

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