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Butfulake Noise Cancelling Xbox one Gaming Headset

Reviewed by David • November 2, 2020

looks great but sound is even better 👍

I bought this for my son, who loves to play Xbox One with his friends.
All his friends have a gaming headset and he was the only one using the earbuds 😅
He likes the camo design but when he used it during his game play, he loved it because of the comfort and sound quality. Sometimes he will plug the USB cable to a portable charger just to get into the gaming mood but the mic and the headset works just fine without the USB cable plugged into anything. It's really just for the LED light on the headset.

You can easily adjust the volume or mute quickly using the control attached to the cable but my favorite part of this headset is that it has a braided cable. I think all electronic related cables should be braided in my opinion. So much easier to manage, tangle-free, and stronger than conventional cable!

5 out of 5 stars! Highly recommend this gaming headset for Xbox or PC. We don't have PS4 or Nintendo but I'm sure it works just as good as it does with our Xbox one and PC.
My only problem with this headset is that my son now plays game longer now because it's more comfortable and he can't hear me when I call him... 😓

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