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BroElec Portable Bug Zapper Camping Lamp

Reviewed by David • August 24, 2020

nice combo LED light and bug zapper!

This is one of the coolest gadget I've seen.


[+] LED light with 3 levels of brightness
[+] Can be used as a flash light or a lamp standing
[+] Has a hanger and hook that can be pulled out for hanging
[+] Rechargeable batter that seems to last long
[+] UV ray and bug zapper, which is perfect for outdoor and camping!


[-] absolutely nothing!


5 out of 5 stars! I highly recommend this combo gadget if you need a LED flash light or lantern. I compared the brightness with the LED lantern that I own and this is much brighter, not to mention it has more feature.
I'm actually going to camping with my kids next week so I will bring these and update my experience.

** UPDATED 8/15/2020 **
Just came back from a camping trip yesterday and added 3 photos as promised. This lamp is a MUST-HAVE for camping. It's so lightweight so it can easily hang inside any tent or canopy, and provide room filled light at night.
While it does not have the zapping sound like a conventional electric zapper, it did catch ton of bugs.

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