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Bracoo Waist Trimmer, Neoprene Sweat Belt

Reviewed by David • October 19, 2018
Please note that this post was updated on November 26, 2018.

This product review is for Waist Trimmer, Neoprene Sweat Belt by Bracoo.

Few years ago, I bought a sit-up bench in attempt to do some sit-ups in order to lose some of my belly fat. I was doing some research on how to easily and more effectively lose belly fat and came across waist trimmer belt products that supposedly help burn more calories in your stomach area.

I guess the concept of the belt was adopted from the same reason why people go to sauna. It basically helps sweat the area covered by the belt (your stomach) and promotes weight loss by removing excess water weight by sweating them out.

In addition, it provides compression to support your lower back and abdominal muscles. It acts like a compression binder around the waist to offer lumbar support.

I'm not sure if their claim on promoting weight loss in abdominal area is true but I do see that my stomach is covered with dripping sweat when I take off the belt after working out.

I do wear this every time I work out, even when I'm working out on my legs or chest, because I just like to force my abs to be warm and tighten during the work outs and I also enjoy sweating when working out.

This particular belt is 42 inches long by 7 inches wide, and the velcro area is 2.5 inches long and 3 inches wide.

I've been using this belt for over 2 years now and the velcro does not stick and hold as well as it used to and during my workouts, I can hear and feel the velcro losing the grip and the belt getting loosen around my waist so I end up constantly adjusting it.

Finally, I went from waist 36 inches to 32 inches after exercising and working out and this belt is way too long for me now. The overlap of the belt is so big that it's very difficult to wrap around my waist very tightly. I'm now thinking about cutting the length with a scissor.


I ended up cutting the belt so that it doesn't overlap too much and I hand stitched 3 strips of velcro! The velcro closure is now stronger than the original one and it will now probably last few more years.

David's Conclusion


  • Price
  • It helps you sweat in the abdominal area covered by the belt during the exercises


  • The velcro seems to get weaker as you use the belt
  • It only 7 inches wide and there are other belts that are wider, which will have more coverage of your abdominal.

My Wishlist

  • Stronger and larger velcro.
  • Wider belt
  • Different length option for smaller waist

Alternative Products

Full Disclosure & Final Thoughts

  • This is very comfortable and inexpensive sweat belt, which I enjoy wearing everyday during my workout but the velcro closure will not last more than a year (at most 2 years) so you will need to buy another one sooner or later OR do some sort of manual workaround like I did.

Overall Rating 30

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