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💩 Hell of Shame

Bonnlo Bathroom Cabinet Wall Mount Mirrored Medicine Cabinet

Reviewed by David • September 17, 2022

😤 huge disappointment is under statement... not worth the price... 😖

I really wanted to like this bathroom cabinet but there are so many things that just weren't right so I want to give proper warning and share all the pain that I had to go through so other don't have to.
We wanted to add a bathroom cabinet in a newly remodel bathroom but the space between the 2 light fixtures on the wall was just less than 16 inches so we had very difficult time finding one that fits as the smallest one we found was 16 inches at a local hardware store. When we finally found this on Amazon, we were very happy since it was less than 14" wide and it also looked great. We chose this one over other similar cabinets because the product pictures showed that the cabinet door opens from right to left, which is exactly what we wanted.

We found this while we were on vacation away from home and it indicated that it will be delivered in 7 to 12 days so we ordered it because we knew we would be home in 4 days but I got a notification from UPS that this would be delivered in 2 days so I had to contact the seller to cancel the delivery and the seller was very prompt and nice to make arrangement with UPS to not deliver it while we were away. I guess faster delivery is better than slow delivery but I wish the delivery date mentioned was more accurate.

I was surprised how small the box was when it got delivered and it was because every single part of this cabinet had to be assembled. Only thing that didn't need assembly was the front door with mirror. I was pretty disappointed with the quality of the material, which is basically compressed wood with laminate over like IKEA furniture but the assembly was much worse. Many screws and parts didn't fit right and I had to glue them. I was also unhappy that the actual cabinet's door opens left to right, which is different from how they advertised. I was going to simply flip it over so that the door would open right to left but then the 2 holes that anchors into the dry wall would go on the bottom so I had to stick to left to right opening. This isn't that big of a deal but it is upsetting that they mislead me with showing different pictures and illustration than what really is.

I didn't feel comfortable and safe with just 2 anchors on top because I didn't think it can hold the weight of this cabinet especially if we store stuff inside the shelves so I drilled 2 more holes in the middle and attached a wood to make it flush with the wall. It took additional time and material but I think it was well worth the time considering it's now more secure and safe.

Finally, I painted the cabinets with different shade of white to match the sink cabinet color and replaced the knob to match the sink cabinet as well. It does look nice, functional with 2 shelves, and most importantly, it fits perfectly between our 2 light fixtures but it was a lot of work, time and frustration to make it work. If I had known all this in advance, would I have still went through it? Definitely NO. Just wanted to share my honest experience and feedback for those looking at this or similar cabinet. Hope this helps others avoid the pain and frustration I went through... 😤
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