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Bomaker project screen with stand 100 inch

Reviewed by David • January 18, 2021

finally enjoying family movie on a big screen!

I got this just in time for New Year and was able to spend New Year's Eve and New Year's day with my family enjoying movies on a big screen.
I was very shocked to see the 8 feet long box delivered but I'm super impressed with the packaging and the product.
There's no assembly required and everything was inside the box in one piece. The project screen itself is very long so make sure you have a place to store it.


[+] Easy to setup and take down in just a minute.
[+] 100" screen rolled up inside and height can be adjusted.
[+] Stable tripod legs.
[+] Easy carry handle.
[+] High quality material for the screen without any wrinkles.
[+] Video looks clear and crisp on this screen!
[+] Screen can be detached from the stand, if needed.
[+] Well packaged in the box during delivery.


[-] Nothing.


Easily 5 out of 5 stars. This is exactly as described and the quality of the screen is much better than expected.
I'm glad I'm now able to enjoy family movies in a big screen rather than on 42" TV 🤣
I can't wait until take this out in our backyard during the summer to watch movies outside!

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