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👍 David's Choice

BeiXun Laser Tape Measure 2 in 1

Reviewed by David • November 16, 2020

my favorite tape measurement of all times! a MUST-HAVE!

I have 2 tape measurements from local hardware stores but this one beats them in a heart beat! I am so in love with this tape measurement and realized that not all tape measurements are created equal!


[+] I love the fact that the tape does NOT retract when you pull them out!!! My other 2 tape measurements retracts unless I press a button to lock it but then I would have to unlock it in order to pull out more. This tape measurement does not retract as you pull them out until you press the retract button. Very clever!
[+] High quality tape measure with the measurements on both sides of the tape
[+] Laser measurement that is very accurate! I have another laser measurement but it's not nearly as accurate as this one. Please note that the laser measurement includes the length of this device.
[+] The LCD screen for the laser measurement is very easy to read
[+] LCD screen has option to change the measurement unit, memory function, and to add or calculate measurement. Very neat!


[-] I can't use my other 2 tape measurements anymore after using this unit. 😁
[-] It would have been better if it had replaceable AA or AA batteries rather than rechargeable batteries but that's just my opinion. I prefer replaceable batteries so you don't have to wait to charge it when when battery is low.


10 out 5 stars. Highly recommend this laser tape measurement. Even if you don't use the laser measurement feature, this is already high quality conventional tape measurement that's so much better than others. I do love the laser measurement feature for quick measurement of the room or ceiling and it's really accurate! A must-have device for home and you will not regret it. An awesome buy!

I was WRONG! This amazing device has a setting you can change to include the length of the device for the laser measure or not to include it. I can't believe I missed this! I should have read the user manual.. haha. I have added video for the feature.

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