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Beexcellent RGB Gaming Mouse Pad with 4 USB Ports

Reviewed by David • November 23, 2020

great gaming mouse pad plus USB hub! very practical...

My son has a gaming mouse pad at his desk and I'm not a gamer but I got this mouse pad because we have a Mini PC in our dining table and the surface of the table is not very smooth.
This is perfect for your full size keyboard and mouse, and it provides very smooth surface. Kids like to turn on the lights with different effects when they are using the computer so the lights around the mouse pad is a plus but what I really appreciate is the USB hub on the side!
I was able to free 1 USB port from my computer by plugging the USB Nano receiver for the keyboard and mouse to this mouse pad's USB hub and it works without any problem even when the light is not turned on.


[+] Perfect size for any keyboard and a mouse
[+] Very thick pad with cool LED lights around it
[+] 14 different LED color lights/effects to choose from
[+] One button to turn it on, to change the effect and to turn off (press and hold to turn off)
[+] Has 4 USB ports on the side! This is my favorite feature as not many gaming mouse pad has this feature.
[+] Love the braided cable as they are much easier to manage. All cables should be braided in my opinion.


[-] Absolutely nothing.


10 out of 5 stars. Highly recommend this amazing gaming mouse pad even if you are not a gamer. It gives you plenty of smooth surface for your keyboard and mouse, not to mention 4 USB ports. The LED light effects are very cool and fun yet this mouse pad is very functional. Can't go wrong with this mouse pad.

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