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Baseus Portable Cordless Pressure Washers

Reviewed by David • March 16, 2021

LOVE the portability and simplicity of this cordless pressure washer!

I was thinking about purchasing an electric pressure washer for very long time but one thing that I was hesitant to purchase one was because my outdoor garden faucet is behind my house and it's really a big hassle to bring out 100ft long garden hose to use the pressure washer in front of my house.

My friend recommended me this cordless pressure washer and it sounds perfect for what I need and it was!
All you need is 5 gallon bucket and water! You can then take this anywhere and you have the pressure washer with adjustable water pressure.

You can take parts apart to store away and when fully assembled, it's light enough to hold it with just one hand but two hands will provide more stability and accuracy.
The tube is very long and it has a mesh filter at the end so that it prevents anything from entering the pressure washer gun other than the water. Very well thought of and designed.

I used it to clean my 48 gallon trash can because something spilled from kitchen garbage and it was stinking up badly. The pressure washer did great and cleaned inside very cleanly. I also used it to clean the algae off my house sidings and it did a great job. Very handy and portable indeed.

After emptying the 5 gallon water with this pressure washing gun, the battery level only went down by one dot so the battery seems to last very long time.

5 out of 5 stars. A great buy for me and I do recommend this to anyone who doesn't have outdoor faucet or need the portability of pressure washer like I do.

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