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Barnett’s Birthday Chocolate Biscotti

Reviewed by David • July 30, 2021

soft and amazing taste biscotti

My wife and I used to enjoy biscotti with daily morning coffee but we stopped having them because the ones that we had were too hard. The cookie part was so hard that we had to dip it into our coffee to soften it up but this became more of hassle than enjoying our morning coffee so we stopping eating all together.

One of our friends recommended this Barnett's chocolate biscotti because they told us it's very soft.
We were both drooling when we opened the box and could not resist all the chocolates and nuts covered on the biscotti but what really impressed us was the softness of the biscotti cookie.

The biscotti was very soft and chewy. It literally melted in my mouth while having it with my morning coffee. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed every one of them and we will be ordering some more for sure! Simply amazing.

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