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BAKKEN Swiss 23 Piece Multi-Sized Cookware Set

Reviewed by David • January 12, 2023

impressive in both quantity and quality...

We bought this for Christmas to treat ourselves to replace our old pots and pans, and we are thoroughly happy and impressed with it from the beginning to the end. It arrived in a box that had retail packaging box inside, essentially double boxed, which is great if you want to gift this to someone so you can wrap the retail box inside the brown box. All the pots and pans were really well packaged inside with plastic bags and cardboard papers so that nothing was damaged during shipping.

It came with 4 different size pots and 2 pans, as well as 6 different pans for baking along with measuring spoons and 5 utensils. All 4 pots came with a tempered glass lids, which can also be used with the pans. The pots have a lip so that you can easily pour out the liquid without a mess. One of the glass lids also has a drainer holes where one side is smaller than the other side, perfect for boiling pasta so you can drain the water without a strainer.

The matching rubber coating on the handles on the pots, pans and lids are very comfortable to hold and does not get hot. We also love the built-in measurement marks inside the pots and its high quality material, which heats up fast but the best thing about this pots and pans set is that nothing sticks to the bottom! We have cooked so many different food on these pots and pans, and they all cook fast and evenly without sticking, which makes the cleaning so much easier.

Finally, while we have gas oven top, it's nice to know that these can be used in electric as well as induction oven top, making it very versatile cookware set. We haven't even used the bakeware set but I'm sure they are just as high quality as these pots and pans. It's a joy to cook using these pots and pans. I highly recommend them and I know you will love it just as much as we do!

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