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BAKKEN Swiss 16 Quart Stockpot Brushed Stainless Steel

Reviewed by David • January 31, 2023

impressive quality and love the air vent holes on the lid

We got this to replace our 16 quart stockpot that we have for years because it was getting difficult to clean the bottom and we had it for many years and got our money worth out of it so it was time to treat ourselves to get a new one. 16 quart size is perfect for our family of 5 for cooking soup and seafood. We absolutely love this stockpot for following main reasons over our old stockpot:

1) It's brushed/polished stainless steel material - not only it looks nicer but it's easier to clean compared to regular stainless steel. Quality feel solid and high end.

2) Induction cooktop ready - while we have gas stove top, it's good to know that we can take this to our friend's or vacation rental house that may have induction cooktop and it will still work. We did the magnet test on the bottom and it sticks! Awesome.

3) Measurement line inside the pot, which is handy to have if we need to be precise with water level

4) Air vent holes on the lid - this is minor yet very important. You see, our old stockpot didn't have air vent holes in the lid so we always had to slightly leave the lid open when cooking because it's very dangerous to cook stockpot with lid closed if it doesn't have air vent holes. We learned this the hard way the first time because the lid flew away with hot boiling water splashing all over and it almost burnt our toddler son who was playing near by. If you need this big stockpot then it means you will be cooking and boiling for very long time so air vent holes are a must to prevent any accident!

We love this new stockpot and we know we will love it for the years to come whenever we use it to cook our meals. Highly recommend it.

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