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Bakken 14 piece pots and pans set

Reviewed by David • September 25, 2023

amazing and simply the best pots and pans set you can for your kitchen

This is simply the best pots and pans set you can buy for your kitchen. It comes with 4 different size pots with lids as well as 2 different size frying pans, and measuring spoons. It also includes a ladle, spatula, and spaghetti fork, which is nice plus. I was really impressed with packaging as it was double-boxed outside and each pot, pan, and lids were carefully packaged with plastic bags and cardboards so they are secure and don't bang or scratch with another.

I'm thoroughly impressed with its material quality and their super non-stick feature. I have cooked so many different meals and food on this pots and pans and never had any problem with sticking to the bottom. They really knew how to make their pots and pans non-stick with their multi-layer design.

I also love the lips on the pots so that's it's easy to drain water out without splashing and dripping on the sides. Each lid has the matching rubber handle as the pot/pan handles, which is very comfortable to grab and never gets hot. I also appreciate that these sets can be used not only for our gas stove but also on electric as well as induction stove tops, which is awesome as we sometimes bring our own pots and pans to a vacation rental house, which is unpredictable what type of stove tops they will have. We love everything about about this cooking set and enjoy using these every day. Highly recommend them!

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