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Aunt/Uncle Nutritional Facts Coffee Mug by ThisWear

Reviewed by David • December 26, 2018

My son bought this set as a Christmas present for my sister and her husband, and they loved it! It can't get any better than this. They are perfect gift for aunt and uncle if they drink coffee or hot tea.

David's Conclusion


  • Simply awesome and creative writings/labels that make you go "awww..." after reading them
  • The writings/labels are on both sides of the mug! This means you can see the label while drinking no matter which hand you use while the person who's in front of you can also see the label on the opposite side! So clever!
  • The imprint is high quality that is "embedded" with the ceramic. Looks like the imprint is here to stay for very long time, unlike the mugs that have cheap prints or paints outside of the mug
  • It was packaged in a safe and nice looking box that reads "Personally Designed for You by ThisWear" outside. I thought the box itself was very nice touch and it also makes it easy to wrap as a present


  • None!

My Wishlist

  • More option for mug style and color

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Full Disclosure & Final Thoughts

  • Although I never got to use these mugs, my sister and her husband loved it and sent me these pictures.

Overall Rating 45

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