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Aspiron steamer for clothes

Reviewed by David • November 1, 2022

finally a high quality steamer without water dripping

I hate ironing shirts and pants because it's such a tedious task, not to mention I have to take out and setup the ironing board. For this reason, I have purchased steamers in the past but they all didn't last too long or had a flaw where water will leak and drip on my clothes. I was about to give up on using steamer until my friend told me about this Aspiron steamer and I was pleasantly surprised and glad I gave this a try.

This steamer is quiet small, which makes it ideal for packing when going on a road trip. It has very long cord so no need to take out an extension cord when using this and it heats up very fast in less than 30 seconds once you switch the power on. It's lightweight and has easy to grip shape neck for comfortable holding while working on the garment. The best part is that it has internal pump system so water can't spill or drip like most other steamers. I can actually use this side way and even upside down without having to worry about spilling water all over the place. Amazing design that someone finally got it right.

I go on a business trip often and although most hotels have iron and ironing board, I will be packing this since it's so much quicker and easier to iron with steamer. This being compact and lightweight just makes it that much easier to pack and bring it everywhere I go. Easily 5 out of 5 stars. Highly recommend it.

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