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Artfan 2021 monthly planner

Reviewed by David • December 21, 2020

one of the best monthly planners I've seen so far!

My wife is a mental health counselor as well as 3rd party reviewer with social workers so she needs a planner to track her appointments and meeting with her clients. She sees no more than 5 clients per day so she doesn't need weekly or daily planner but prefers a monthly planner to see where her opening are for the month. I got this planner for her and she says this is for favorite planner she had so far.


[+} Beautiful art cover that is perfect for my wife's field
[+] Spacious box space for each day and is ruled for better organized writings
[+] It covers from January through December rather than some non-sense months from previous year or next year
[+] Tab dividers make it super easy to find and flip to the specific month.
[+] Glance of previous month, current month, and next 3 months on top of the page!
[+] Notes section on the right hand side of each month
[+] Contact pages, Login/Password pages, and a lots of Notes pages
[+] Double sided plastic pockets for storing loose item such as receipts, business cards, etc
[+] Planner can be easily folded in half to save desk space, if needed
[+] Price!


[-] Absolutely nothing. It might be nice to include January of next year so that you don't have to carry two planners towards the end of the year around December


10 out of 5 stars. Highly recommend this monthly planner that is well thought out and designed. Very attractive visually yet functional. Will be looking for this planner again next year!

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