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AQUERUX Golf Putting Green

Reviewed by David • February 28, 2022

the best putting practice mat I've seen so far!

I've had a gutting practice mat before and I've seen many others at my friends' houses but this one is by far the best and highest quality putting practice mat I've seen so far. If you are into golf and is serious about practicing your putting at home or for fun, this is the one to get and you will not regret it.

It came in a nice retail packaging with everything inside bubble wraps for extra protection. The unit as well as the ball return rails are made out of wood. Very impressive. I also love that the ball return rails has magnetic connectors on each end so it's very simple and easy to connect them.

The green mat was also impressive. It's made out of high quality material that is thick, durable and has non-slip bottom. It's nothing like the cheap single layer mat I've seen with other unit that is very thin. This one is actually very thick and has some cushion. They come folded so you just have to unfold and straighten them out.

Even the ball blocking wall is made of out wood with matching finish and it has a place to hold 2 balls as well as for standing a putter. The unit has 2 holes with the distance marks and guide lines. The ball returns well every single time. Amazing quality and look. Highly recommended for serious golfer who appreciates high quality golf equipment! 10 out of 5 stars!

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