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Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable by Apple

Reviewed by David • January 22, 2019

This product review is for Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable by Apple, specifically for 0.3 meter long cable.

I recently bought Apple Watch Series 4 and also bought a watch stand for my bedroom side table so I can charge my watch while I'm sleeping and it can be used as a night stand as well.

However, I needed an extra charger for my travel so that I don't have to keep taking the charger in and out from the watch stand.

I initially purchased Apple Watch charger by 3rd party vendor twice but I ended up returning both of them because they simply would not charge my Apple Watch for more than 5 minutes. After going through the hassle of buying and returning twice, I just bought this authentic charger by Apple and this is what I should have done in the first place.

It fully charged my Apple Watch from 50% to 100% in less than an hour and half, and it didn't overheat my watch.

This charger feels and works just like the one that came with my Apple Watch.

I got this shorter cable since this is for my travel purpose but you can see the picture with my Apple Watch for scale.

David's Conclusion


  • It works!
  • Did I say it works? Yes, it charges your expensive Apple Watch flawlessly
  • Same quality as the charger that came with Apple Watch


  • None

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Overall Rating 45

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