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ANLOOK Rechargeable Spotlight

Reviewed by David • May 19, 2023

great flashlight to have inside the car for unexpected...

This is pretty versatile flashlight that is a perfect utility to have in the car in case of unexpected emergency on the road with a car problem. First of all, it has a built-in rechargeable battery with 12800mAh capacity, which should last very long time on a full charge and it has a USB port that turns this flashlight into a portable power bank in case you need to charge your phone or anything that can be charged with USB.

What's really cool about this particular flashlight is that is has 2 bright LED lights. One is the traditional flashlight that projects forward but you can change the color by replacing the transparent plastic film to red, green or yellow, or simply not use any for regular white light. It also has a side LED lantern light, which can be used to light up local near by area and perfect example would be when reading a book inside a tent or when changing a flat tire.

Now the best part of this flashlight is that you can press and hold the button to activate the blinking strobe light for both flashlight and lantern lights. The lantern light will blink and toggle in blue and red that looks like the police car siren light, which would be perfect to warn the cars when you have a car problem on the road and is stranded. In addition, it has a flip out leg on top so you can make this flashlight stand by itself, making it a perfect warning light on the road. Very practical and useful flashlight to keep around the car, especially if you are going on a road trip or camping!

The charging port and USB port are protected from rain or water with rubber cover and there's also battery level indicator to show the remaining battery. Very well thought out and designed. Highly recommend it!

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