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AmazonBasics Outdoor Zero Gravity Lounge Folding Chair

Reviewed by David • September 9, 2020

almost perfect... + TIP!

4.5 out of 5 stars! Amazing value and almost perfect! Highly recommended.


[+] Price. This was the most important feature as so many other no gravity and lounge chairs are over priced and way more expensive but yet again, not this AmazonBasics lounge chair. Great value!
[+] Comfort level. This no gravity chair is so much more comfortable than a conventional lounge chairs by the pool. You will fall asleep quickly on this chair without a back pain!
[+] No sweat. The textilene fabric is breathable yet does not get hot like the plastic lounge chair.
[+] Padded headrest. It's very comfortable, and you can move slide it up and down so you can use it as a pillow or a lumbar support.
[+] Portability. You can easily and quickly fold and unfold this chair. We take this chair to our pool club.


[-] When folded, there's no lock mechanism to keep it folded in place. The chair can unfold while carrying it, making it a bit difficult to transport some times.
[-] There should be a built-in handle on the side so that it's easier to transport/carry when folded. It is a bit difficult and awkward to carry this chair.
[-] Your kids might fight over this chair so you may need to get more than one chair.


Both problems that I dislike about this chair have to do with carrying this chair when folded. I partially solved this problem by keeping a velcro strip tied to the bottom of the chair so that I can keep both legs locked in together with the velcro when it's folded. I hope AmazonBasics will improve on these features.

** UPDATED ON 7/6/2020 **

Added pictures of the folded chair inside my Honda Pilot next to a beach chair for scale. You will need 37" clearance in length in your car to transport this chair.
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