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Amailtom Selfie Stick with 6" Ring Light,Tripod and Phone Holder

Reviewed by David • October 22, 2020

selfie stick with handy and stable tripod and light! ** UPDATED **
My family loves to take group pictures whenever we are outside but I'm never in the photo since I'm the one who's taking the picture. So, I got a selfie stick while back and used it few times but we were only able to take photo as far as the stick can extend since I had to hold the stick. Well, not anymore! This selfie stick has a tripod that is very stable! On top of that, it has a ring light so great indoor pictures.


[+] Ring light with 3 different lighting modes and 3 brightness for great indoor or under low light setting
[+] The ring light runs on a rechargeable battery so it's very portable
[+] It folds into compact size for storage and carry
[+] Tripod legs are very stable and sturdy. It's actually very usable without worrying about falling due to a wind
[+] Built-in Bluetooth remote with a place to store on the handle
[+] The handle is very comfortable to hold
[+] Can extend and collapse, like many other selfie sticks


[-] I wish the ring light can turn 360 degrees
[-] It would have been great if the built-in remote can also toggle the and turn on/off the ring light


5 out of 5 stars. Great selfie stick with stable tripods and additional light source. I recommend this selfie stick to anyone who's serious about taking selfie stick or for video bloggers at home!

** UPDATED ON 10/21/2020 **
I actually use this selfie ring light more frequently now at home and I really appreciate this product. I mainly use it as external light source when taking pictures with my iPhone to get a clear and true color picture output. It's so much better than using the flash from the camera and it's awesome because it's very portable and its cordless.
I do have a stationary ring light that is corded and is bigger but this selfie ring ling is what I take with it me when I need to take product picture or video else where in the house, like at the kitchen or bedroom. Very light yet functional and portable. I love it! It's my go-to ring light when taking photo or video outside of my studio. Highly recommend this product!

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