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Alivation Led Closet Light Motion Activated

Reviewed by David • January 23, 2023

love the DC power option using USB port or AC outlet

We have a family charging station under the cabinet where all our family iPads, iPhones, earbuds, kindles, and other devices that need to be charged are placed. It doesn't get enough light from the kitchen because it's located under the cabinet so I decided to get a motion activated LED light under the cabinet. We already have few motion activated LED lights for our closets, which turns on whenever the closet door is opened. Those LED lights are battery powered since there's no electric outlet inside the closet, which is fine since closets are not opened on a regular basis throughout the day. Initially, we installed similar motion activated LED light under our cabinet but realized that it drained the battery completely after 2 or 3 days because there's no door under the cabinet and the light would detect the motion whenever anyone walks by the cabinet. We got tired of charging/replacing the batteries every 2 to 3 days so I did some research and found this awesome motion activated LED lights, which can be used with battery or USB cable plugged in. If you need to plug into AC outlet, you will need to get USB wall adapter but I happen to have a USB port readily available under the cabinet since it is our charging station after all.

This is such a great motion activated LED light compared to others that I used for couple of reasons.

1) The angle/position of the motion sensor can be adjusted. This is great if you want to minimize or maximize the range of motion detection. Very well designed.

2) The light can be tilted/angled from the base. This is also awesome design if you want to maximize the direction of the LED light. This design comes in handy for places like closet where it give you flexibility to position the light in angle even when it's installed on a flat wall.

3) Can be powered by 3 AA batteries OR USB cable. This is something that is not common in LED lights as most of them comes with a built-in rechargeable battery. I really needed use the USB cable so I never have to worry about recharging or replacing the battery but even if you are using this without the cable, this LED light is better than others in my opinion because other LED lights have built-in rechargeable battery that can't be replaced, which means the entire unit will need to be replaced once the battery stops charging. This unit has advantage since you simply replace the batteries so it's good forever as long as the LED light bulbs are good.

4) Brightness can be easily adjusted with 2 dedicated buttons and has 3 different modes.

I really love this LED light and we had a minor problem with it but the seller was very responsive to my inquiry and resolved the issue quickly. I would highly recommend this amazingly designed motion activated LED light without any reservation. Perfect for under the cabinet and closet. I will probably buy more for my closets. 10 out of 5 stars!

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