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Afoddon Stick Vacuum Cleaner with 25Kpa Suction 2 Batteries

Reviewed by David • May 2, 2022

it sucks in a good way and comes with so many accessories and 2 batteries

I've been wanting to get a new vacuum cleaner that is cordless because the one we had for many years was corded and it was cumbersome to plug in to different outlets and to move around restricted by the power cord.

I looked into many stick cordless vacuum cleaner and I chose this one because this is one of rare stick vacuum cleaner that comes with 2 batteries This is a MUST-HAVE feature for me so I can charge one battery while using the other one, and vice versa. Now that I'm free from the cord, I don't want to be interrupted with cleaning due to battery drain. Having 2 batteries with solve that problem.

I was very impressed with packaging and all the accessories that it comes with. It's such a versatile yet lightweight vacuum with great suction. It has turbo option button and it also came with extra filter.
I also like that it doesn't have a bag and I can simply empty the content into a trash can by pressing down on a button to open the can.

This cordless stick vacuum cleaner has been working really well and even my children can use it to vacuum and clean up their room. Highly recommend it.

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