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AEAOA 2Pack 6FT USB to Lightning Cable

Reviewed by David • August 18, 2021

MFi certified and is made out of thicker and durable material

We have a designated charging station in our kitchen and all our children are required to leave their devices here after 10PM. This is where we have all our iPads, iPhones, wireless earbuds, and other tablets for charging.

Two of the original lightning cables that came with the device recently showed a sign of wear and tear to the point where the connecting end actually exposed the wires inside and even had a crack on the connector piece so I decided to replace them with this 2 pack MFi certified lightning cables.

The MFi certification was the most important factor since many 3rd party cables stop working after the next iOS update due to incompatibility but MFi Certified gives you a peace of mind that it will continue to work without any issue year after year of iOS updates.

I can tell right away that the cable material is thicker and more durable than the original lightning cable that comes with the devices. I tried these cables on iPad Mini, full size iPad, and many different iPhone models we have in the house and they all worked flawlessly and started charging immediately. I also tried this on portable charger as well with AC wall adapter, and again, not only I didn't have any issue with charging but it seems that it charges faster than the original lightning cables. This was very noticeable when charging the iPad.

I do recommend these MFi certified lightning cables for all your iOS devices and I also appreciate the thumb imprint on the USB side so it's easier to hold and pull/insert. 5 out of 5 stars!

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