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Active Noise Cancelling Headphones VANKYO C750 Bluetooth

Reviewed by David • December 1, 2020

set yourself free from the cord and noises!

We gave Amazon Echo Dot to my daughter because she has so many Alexa enabled LED lights in her room.
She doesn't have a phone yet but she likes to listen to music from her Echo Dot so we got this headphone so she can listen to music privately and cordless! Bluetooth pairing with Echo Dot using Alexa app was easy and she was able to use this headphone immediately. She loves the Active Noise Cancelling feature as it blocks out noises for immerse music listening experience.


[+] Over the ear cushion is very comfortable with memory foam and it completely covers the ears without pressing down on your ears
[+] Similar to high end headphones, the ear cushions rotate 90 degrees so you can easily and quickly find the most comfortable and perfect fit
[+] Adjustable headband, which is also padded for added comfort on your head
[+] Active Noise Cancelling feature works well, blocking out unwanted noises, and it can be used even without listening to any music when you want simply want to block out noises when reading books
[+] Crystal clear sound with deep bass
[+] Volume control on the headphone for easy access
[+] Bluetooth connectivity allows you to be free from the cord
[+] It can still be used with supplied 3mm audio cable for devices without Bluetooth or if you run out of battery
[+] Rechargeable battery seems to last very long time
[+] Clean and stylish, looks great
[+] Comes with hard case for travel as well as soft storage pouch for every day storage
[+] Price!


[-] It would have been better if it had replaceable battery so that you can carry extra batteries on the road without having to worry about recharging but that's just my preference


5 out of 5 stars. This is a great wireless headphone with active noise cancelling feature found in much more expensive headphones. The sound quality is very good and the comfort level is amazing that you can wear this all day. You can't go wrong with this headphone, especially at this price. Highly recommend it.

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