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Abdominal Crunch Coaster Ab Machine

Reviewed by David • November 14, 2022

my favorite and the BEST workout machine for abs!!!

I have a home gym and many workout machines, bench, bars, and weight plates. I also have a squat rack, bench press, treadmill, and even a spin bike. However, the hardest places to turn fat into muscle is without any doubt the abs. I don't even expect six packs on my abs, I just want to lose some fat and love handles on the sides. I have a Perfect Crunch as well as a sit up bench that can glide up and down to work on the abs but all these machines yields tolls on my back or neck so I end up not using them. I almost gave up on working out on my cores until I found out about this ab crunch coaster, which I felt in love with it at first sight!

What's so great and amazing about this machine is that I don't have to lay down and crunch my back or neck to contract my abs. I can kneel on this machine's padded seat then simply pull up my lower body to contract my abs. This machine is named Ab Crunch Coaster for a reason because it's shaped like a roller coaster rails where it bends in smooth angle so that you can raise and bring your knees up towards your abs without moving your back, which doesn't stress your lower back! Whoever came up with this design is a genius! It's like doing a sit up crunch except while sitting or kneeling down without having to move your back or neck. You really feel the contraction on your abs and it's very effective targeting the core.

It has 4 wheels on the metal rails that glides very smoothly and quietly. It has a place to hold weight plates with 1" hole to add resistance and it comes with two 5lbs weight plates. The best part about this machine is that the seat can be rotated 45 degrees to either direction so you can do the same motion while it works on your obliques! So this machine can not only target your abs but also your obliques to lose that love handles.

It has auto counter display and it will increment when you bring your knees past the certain point. It will NOT increment if you cheat and don't contract your abs enough, which is awesome since it forces you to do it right. I love the places to put and lock in my elbows while holding on the grips so I can focus on bringing my knees up to make contraction on the abs. You will get the best result when you bring up your knees slowly and bring them down slowly while breathing in and out.

It is heavy since it's made out of solid steels but it can be folded and wheels out for storing away but I found a permanent spot in my home gym so I don't have to fold/unfold whenever I need to use it, which allows me to use it more often. This is by far the best workout equipment and investment I ever made and it was worth every penny. I'm looking forward to lose weight around my belly and maybe even get six packs by the summer. It's very effective yet makes it easy and fun to work on the abs! Easily 10 out of 5 stars. Highly recommend it without any reservation. Love it!

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