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AAOBOSI 12 Volt Car Refrigerator 53 Quart

Reviewed by David • February 13, 2023

spacious and versatile refrigerator with portability

We have 3 teenage children who eats like crazy so we go our weekly food shopping at Costco during the weekend and we don't have enough freezer space to fit everything we buy for the week. We just needed extra freezer space for a day or two as the space gets freed up as we eat the food that we purchased so rather than buying anther refrigerator, I bought this portable refrigerator since I can actually use this for other purposes and get more bangs for the buck!

This portable refrigerator surprisingly is very spacious inside yet pretty light weight. I can fit my frozen meats, food, and others then have plenty of space left over. It's has very deep compartment. It has LCD screen outside to show the current temperature inside as well as button to change the temperature. You can optionally download and install app on your smartphone that can connect to this refrigerator via Bluetooth and monitor or set the temperature, which is very cool, especially if you are using this outdoor or transporting inside a car so you know exactly what the temperature inside is without looking at the refrigerator's LCD screen!

I used this during our Super Bowl party and had all the drinks and beers inside and placed in front of our TV so nobody had to miss the game or commercial when getting a drink! I had this powered by one of my power stations the entire time and everybody thought it was the coolest gadget.

Our house has electric outage often so I actually have many portable power stations and I have enough power stations to power this refrigerator for several days if I need to. Surprisingly, I was able to power this refrigerator with my smaller 300W portable power station for over 12 hour straight.

This portable refrigerator will come in handy during our summer camping trip as well. It came with AC power cord as well as cigarette lighter cable so I can power this with my car while transporting then with one of my portable power station at the camp site. It has 2 cup holders as well as a a cutting board built on top of the door, which is convenient and it also has 1 USB charging port, which is neat feature.

Overall, very happy with this portable and versatile refrigerator and I would highly recommend it.

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