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96pcs Painting, Drawing & Art Supplies Set

Reviewed by David • February 19, 2021

the BEST gift you can get for young artist 🤩

I have 13 years old son who loves draw and color his favorite characters, super heroes, etc.
I love it whenever I see him drawing and coloring because that's so much better than him playing mindless video games or watching countless hours of YouTube videos.
So I bought this to encourage him to draw more rather than playing video game... and man, I wish you had seen his face when he opened this art supplies. His eyes lit up and was amazed at what this art supplies case had inside...

✔️ High quality storage case with zipper enclosure - It has elastic holder for every single pencil and other items
✔️ Total of 72 color pencils with each one labeled with a number - it has colors such as Dandelion, Lavender, Cantaloupe and more!
✔️ 12 sketch pencils - I didn't even know there were that many variations of sketch pencils.. wow
✔️ 4 charcoal and 1 graphite pencils - I guess this is more for serious and advanced artists 😁
✔️ Sketchbook, eraser, pencil sharpener, plus more...

I can't say enough good thing about this product and I wish I had this kind of art supplies when I was young...
I recorded a time lapse video of my son drawing and coloring using this supply, which is pretty cool.

10 out of 5 stars! I highly recommend this to anyone who's into drawing and coloring or to any parents who want to encourage their children to draw more. This will no doubt impress your child! Simply amazing.

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