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80W Rechargeable Work Light

Reviewed by David • September 8, 2022

bright and portable spot lights with many options

We started our kitchen renovation and this rechargeable work light came in handy many times. We have a similar work light but with halogen light bulb and corded but it was limited in use because it had to be plugged into outlet and when the halogen light bulb went out, we decided to get rid of it and got this instead and this is so much better in so many ways.

I really love that it works on rechargeable battery and it works for many continuous hours once it's fully charged, making it truly portable without being restricted to a cord. It has option to change the brightness at 3 different levels, which is great because the highest mode is sometimes too bright for a small room or when you have to work very close to the light. It also has an emergency strobe light mode, which may come in handy to warn other people, if needed.

I always turn off the power when working with electricity but this means I need another light source to be able to see in the room. I used this to switch the wall outlet sockets and to replace the light fixtures around the house after turning off the fuse for safety. I also had to go down into a crawl space and this work light came in handy and it brighten our dark crawl space like a day. Truly impressive work light, all without any cord. What I really like this item is that it also came with an adapter for standard light bulb so you can light up any light bulb using the same rechargeable battery and it's not only even more compact and portable but battery can last for more than a day.

The body and frames are made out of aluminum alloy and metal so it's heavy duty and it should last for long time. 5 out of 5 stars.

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