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8 Tier Shoe Cubby Free Standing Shoe Shelves

Reviewed by David • January 24, 2023

awesome shoe organizer for closet and tight spaces

We have a small closet by the foyer entrance where we have a coat hanger and shoe storage shelves. We are a family of 5 and all of us have many shoes so we ran out of shelves to store our shoes, boots, and sandals. Luckily, we had a narrow space on a side that this shoe rack was perfect for it. I just use it vertically and it can store 7 shoes. I'm planning to buy another one so I can stack it even higher vertically, which will allow me to store up to 14 shoes.

It was very well packaged and fairly easy to put them together. I love that it came with a plastic hammer, which I can see why you need it when putting them together but I was able to snap them in using my hands but I can definitely use the plastic hammer for something else around the house. I love how the each rack is curved up outwards so that shoes does not slide out. Very well designed and executed. Perfect for any closet, especially tight spaces. Highly recommend it. Easily 5 out of 5 stars!

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