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6.6FT USB C to USB C Cable with LED display

Reviewed by David • March 17, 2023

my favorite charging cable so far for many reasons

I've had my own shares of many charging cables but this is one of my favorite charging cables because :

1) It supports up to 100W super fast charging

2) It's made out of nylon braided cable, which is not only durable but also more flexible

3) It has LED display on one side, which shows the total wattage being consumed by the device

I didn't think the display of the wattage was that important until I realized the different devices have different max capacity on how much watts it can consume to power or for charging the battery. Sometimes, I had a device plugged into a charging cable for days, only to find out that it didn't get charged when I unplugged the cable. The LED display on this cable takes the guessing game out of the equation and I know whether it's being charged and exactly how much watts are being consumed at the moment. This also allows me to know which devices support fast charging or not.

I did some preliminary testing with an advanced power station that shows the total wattage output when being used so i can compare with the wattage number displayed on the cable and it's pretty dead accurate. When the wattage currency changes, there's about half second delay in updating the display but it always matched the wattage output displayed on the power station within a second. I was able to confirm that it can also support up to 100W fast charging, which is pretty amazing. Very practical and useful USB-C charging cable and I also love the braided cable material. Highly recommend it.

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